How to get started in Ethernum Dragon Nest - Newbie Guide pt. 1


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Apr 13, 2023
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Hii, it's SaintRaphael here. I will try to give you some guideline to start in Ethernum Dragon Nest.

First, after creating your character and finish the tutorial stage, check your inventory, and go to cash tab. You will find a Jumping Potion. You can immediately use it to jump your character to lv 95.
Then you can click the "Newbie Quest" Button on the right hand side above the quest mark, and see list of newbie quest that you can do.
You can start doing things that can be done in town, for example : Using Lugh Gesture, Typing God Game Dragon Nest, etc. After every quest is complete, the reward (usually the reward for the next quest) will be sent by mail, so don't forget to check it.

After that, to quickly change your job, you can start skipping quest (Hotkey U) and click the skip button on the quest name. To be able to go to Saint Haven, you need to skip the quest at least until chapter 6-10 (the level 24 main quest) and it will unlock Saint Haven as the airship destination.
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Before you can get a decent weapon (which is the final reward from Newbie Quest), you can talk to some npc and get achievement rewards, such as Tetrastone, Diamond, and BST Points. For example, I talk to Merchant Pania here, and got the reward (5000 BST Point). I use that point in Blacksmith NPC to buy some weapons to finish my Newbie Quest.
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You got to Saint Haven now? Yaaaay! Now for the next step, you don't want to stay in your default job, do you? To change job, you can easily do it by talking to Merchant Kelly in Saint Haven, and choose to Change Job. I changed my Kali to Spirit Dancer. After that, you can check the Quest Menu (Hotkey U) and see the awakening quest here. Choose to accept it .

You can awaken your character via NPC, but I still suggest you do the awakening quest manually. It's a pre-requisite to unlock Hero Skill. I will talk about it next time.
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To unlock Labyrinth Difficulty, you need to clear the previous difficulty first. For example, if you want to do Abyss difficulty, you must first clear Master difficulty and so on. As the difficulty rise, the better the reward will be.
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Finish all your Newbie Quest? Great! Now, before you move on to the Novice Quest, let's exchange our Newbie Ticket (you need 14) and exchange it to Adventurer David. Location can be seen on the map I provide.
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You will get title, Minos Helm, Minos upgrading material, and the most important is the Newbie End Of Dream Weapon! Woohoo~~
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Feeling stronger now? Great! Next is the phase that I like to call, Doing Novice Quest and Grinding Kilos. I will post it next time.

That's all for now, see you~
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