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Apr 8, 2023
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Takes the last update from the original Korean version


◆ Change of gusts of time and space

• Bacchus x Bacchus x Bacchus

[EVENT] The gust of construction is changed .

[EVENT] Storm of time and space – [ Bacchus x Bacchus x Bacchus +]

- Punish the 3 Bacchus Brothers .

- You can make a big fuss with Meteor .

-Success : Kill all Bacchus within 5 minutes

- Failure: Exceeding 5 minutes or even 1 death

- Bacchus continuously recovers HP.

- Rumor has it that strong winds come out well if you get a lot of compliments.

◆ Everyone's banquet hall

The aura of the Abyss, which is different from chaos, invades the gap in the dimension that has been peaceful for a long time .

Among the poisons possessed by the goddess, the oldest and most fundamental poison , darkness .

All the darkness in the world rushes into the dimensional rift

throw their own banquet .

As the banquet continues, the goddess's nightmare grows .

“Ruin their banquet !”

[ Admission information ]

- Entry level: level 93 or higher

- Number of admissions: 1-2 people

- Weekly clear count: 7 times

- cannot be resurrected

※ You must bring everyone's banquet hall admission ticket.

[ Ticket information ]

- How to Obtain : Available for purchase at [ Dimensional Rabbit ]-[ Everyone's Banquet Hall Shop ] located in the Temple Knights Training Grounds

- You can only purchase 1 per character per day , and the ticket period is 1 day .

[ Guidance Quest ]

- Remote Quest > [Lv93] Everyone's Banquet Hall

※ You can receive it by pressing the hotkey ' U' to open the quest window and clicking the 'Remote Quest' tab at the top .

[ Stage progress ]

< Stage Goal >

- Challenge the floor as high as possible to get better rewards .

<Stage Rules>

- Upon clearing a normal stage , recovers the user's HP and MP

- Resurrect dead players upon clearing the boss stage

- When all players are wiped out , the stage ends

< Conditions for obtaining rewards >

- First treasure chest : Clear the boss stage ( floor 4 )

- Second treasure chest : Clear the boss stage (7th floor )

- 3rd Treasure Chest : Clear Boss Stage (11th Floor )

- Last treasure chest : Boss stage (12th floor ) cleared

[Stage Composition]

- When entering the normal stage , you will randomly enter one of the two stages .

- The stage clear count goes up when you clear the 3rd floor .

[ Compensation Information ]

Classification _Configure stage contentsstage gradereward information
1st floorChapel of the Hobgoblin Thought BodyHobgoblin Manufacturing Facilitycommon
2nd floorCorridor of Ghouls and SkeletonsVault of Ancient Weaponscommon
3rd floordimension guardianmirror goddesscommon
4th floorShrine of the Fallen Warriorsbossfirst treasure chest
5th floorSanctuary of the Asai WarriorsTreacherous Cedric's Librarycommon
6th floorAbandoned Rune Elf Forestdance of orcscommon
7th floorArena of the Fallen Warriorsbosssecond treasure chest
8th floorEnforcer's TrapDragonstalker's Laircommon
9th floorTainted Elena's GhostGoblin vs Minotaurcommon
10th floorDark Elf GorgeGate of the Black Overlordcommon
11th floorResting place of fallen warriorsbossthird treasure chest
12th floorInvitation from Tacitusbosslast treasure chest

number of floorscompensationStochastic additional reward
4th floor
( first treasure chest )
7 Dimensional Ore Pieces
6 lapis lazuli
3 piece of dimensional gemstone
Corrupted Tetra Stone Fragment x50
7th floor
( second treasure chest )
12 Dimension Gemstone Fragments
9 lapis lazuli
6 piece of dimensional gemstone
Corrupted Tetra Stone Fragments x80
11th Floor
( Third Treasure Chest )
17 dimensional gemstone fragments7 Dimensional Ore Pieces
Corrupted Tetra Stone Fragment x100
8 Cat Eyes
12th floor
( The Last Treasure Chest )
22 dimensional gemstone fragmentsDimensional Ore Piece x 50
Dark Stone (7 days )
Golden Goble Coin
Corrupted Tetra Stone Fragments x140
8 Cat Eyes

[Store Information]

- Everyone's Banquet Hall shop is located in the [Temple Knights Training Grounds - Dimensional Rabbit].

- You can purchase [Ancient Element Enhanced Talisman] that increases all property attacks.

- The initial option is 0.5% of all attribute attacks and can be increased up to 7.5%.

- Growth is possible through [Unstable Dimension Converter] [Dimension Converter] and [High Dimension Converter].

- Converters that have been used once will be destroyed.

- Depending on the current options of [Ancient Element Enhanced Talisman], the available converters are different and will grow according to the table below.

Example 1) If [ Ancient Element Enhanced Talisman – 4.20%] is converted through [Unstable Dimension Converter], it will grow to [ Ancient Element Enhanced Talisman – 4.50 % ] Example 2) [ Ancient Element Enhanced Talisman – 4.50%] will be transformed into [Unstable Dimension Converter] ] to [ Ancient element- enhanced talisman – 5.00%] Example 3) [ Ancient element- enhanced talisman – 6.60%] to [Dimension Converter] to [ Ancient element- enhanced talisman – 6.70%]

Example 4) [Ancient element- enhanced talisman – 7.20%] can be converted through [High-Dimensional Converter] to grow to [ Ancient element - enhanced talisman – 7.30%]

Options before userelated converterincrease width
0.50% ~ 6.40%Unstable Dimension Converter0.50%
6.50% ~ 6.90%dimension converter0.10%
7.00% ~ 7.40%Higher-Dimensional Transducer0.10%

◆ June attendance event

- After the maintenance on June 15th until the next update, you will receive cumulative rewards according to the cumulative day as attendance rewards

- After the 21st day of attendance, you will receive one 'Kdeok Bounty Badge' as an attendance reward .

- Random hair dye / hair dye / eye / pet dye / pet dye items when using illegal dye treatment coupon pouch

You can obtain one of each .

- You can get a random face when using an illegal plastic surgery coupon .

- When using the Savior Package , you can acquire special Savior Armor and the Savior Spirit .

cumulative rewardcumulative day
1800 gold lotus flowers1
Space Time Stone Gale (1 day ) x12
5 coral puddings3
Conversion Armor Fragment Box (1 day ) 54
1 illegal dye treatment coupon pouch5
1800 gold lotus flowers6
10 stigma of lunar eclipse7
Mysterious Mount Box (7 days ) x38
1 unidentified frozen nightmare eye9
50 Outstanding Ancient Wisdom10
1 package of Savior11
100 Chilled Crest Fragments12
300 Fragments of Longing13
10 stigma of lunar eclipse14
Growth Spirit Pandora Box (7 Days ) x315
2 skill rune bags ( confirmed at level 10 )16
Tiny Weeny package selection box 1 pc17
Title of the month : 1 without quirks18
1 coupon for illegal plastic surgery19
Ring Engraving Package ( Event ) 520
Kducki bounty badge (7 days ) x121

- Transaction of some items in attendance, server storage

itemTrade availabilityServer warehouse
Illegal dye treatment coupon pouchXO
Tiny Winnie Package Selection BoxXO
Illegal plastic surgery couponsXO
Savior PackageXO
Mysterious Mount Box (7 days )XX
Growth Spirit Pandora's Box (7 Days )XX
Ring Engraving Package ( Event )XO
Title : No quirksXO

- Title: No quirks

◆ Other

• The World's Best Hero Tournament ends .

- You can no longer obtain tickets for the World's Greatest Hero Tournament through daily missions .

• Hello , the Anuarendel event is over .

- The Goodbye , Anuarendel admission ticket is removed from daily missions .

• The Weekly Gale Event ends .

- “ I want to know that . Last Memory of the Day Where Did the Invaders Go ” event ends .

- “ I want to know that . Last Memory of the Day Where Did the Invaders Go ” shop will be removed in the July update .

- Challenge Divided Maze Cumulative Clear Event! Event ends .

• Go Sook's Exciting Heart Collection event shop is closed . - Please use all items before update .
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