Patch Note 64 [Change/Add]


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Apr 8, 2023
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◆ Change the maximum quantity of server warehouse

- The maximum number of server warehouses has been expanded (30 slots → 150 slots )

- Due to the server warehouse expansion, the specifications of some items are changed so that they can be stored in the server warehouse .

Target item list 1Target item list 2Target item list 3
The power of bulk hopsCorrupted Tetrastone FragmentSteal Scales of the Stealth Dragon
Bulk Hop's Heart Piececat's eyeDragon's Stem Scales
Magic of MuertosOhungamjuBongrae Stone
Muertos' Bead FragmentConcentrated Ohungamju ( untradable )Advanced Penglai Stone
Brunnhild's MaskTalisman's Powder in full bloombrilliance sandstone
Bruenhild's Ice Sculpturelapis lazuliThe ferocity of the ferocious dragon
SalzigraScorching Slag ( Treasure )Ox's Flower Bag
Voodoo DollOrc Warrior's Talisman ( Treasure )golem drive
Chaos in the Frozen WorldBlueprints of Ancient Weapons ( Treasure )desert black crystal
Orb of Frozen WorldScorching Slag ( Treasure )Dragon's Wrath
frozen eyesOrc Warrior's Talisman ( Treasure )The mighty dragon's wrath
Frozen Nightmare FragmentsBlueprints of Ancient Weapons ( Treasure )Celestial Mane
Fragment of Nightmare PowerTale of the CliffsFierce Celestial Mane
goldfishHero's Crest FragmentShards of Titanion
-Amendment of the CovenantCorrupted Black Dragon's Wrath
-Minos FragmentMeluka's Golden Ring
-Minos LabriumHorn of Umbala
-fire of minosBaofa's Tusk
-goddess coinPlaque of the Black Legion
-Greater CelestonJewel of September
-spirit of the braveKaiser's Tooth
-stupidNadine's Fragment
-innocent dwarfsteel horn
-Cheonji Mineral Waterlight brown beads
-aggressor's hornpurple marbles
-palbotangjade beads
-golden eggfaded marbles
-star clusterDragon's Root Claw
-Cat's Eye ( Treasure )Ox's Grappling Vine

◆ Beginner's Guide

- The <TIP> description of [ Nest Round 6-8] in the beginner's guide [ Drinyi ] mission will be changed based on Mila Laurel .

- In the Beginner's Guide , the rewards for [ Mission Box for Deaegi ( Level 1 ), ( Level 2 )] will be changed .

mission boxcompensation
Mission Box for D'Aegi ( Level 1 )- 50 patterns of the ancients
- 1 pouch of Fatigue Relief (6000)
- 5 unknown ancient accessory fragments
- Mission box for Deaegi (2nd level )
Mission Box for D'Aegi ( Step 2 )- 1 D'Aeghi Diploma
- 100 ancient patterns

◆ New NPC added

Mila Laurel - Added Mysterious Costume Conversion Mirror

A mysterious costume conversion mirror has been placed next to Lien, the warehouse manager in Mila Laurel Village .

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